Arrival & Departure

Classes begin at 7:30 A.M. and remain in session until 2:30 P.M. each school day unless the day's schedule is altered because of inclement weather.Unless students arrive after 7:30 a.m., they should not enter through the front doors of the building; the front door will not be open for general admittance of students during the early morning period.

All students should plan to arrive at school between 7:00 and 7:20 a.m. If students are not in their classrooms by 7:30, they are considered TARDY and will be assigned appropriate discipline if the tardy is unexcused. All students arriving after 7:30 AM are required to sign in at the Main Office and receive an Admit to class. Students arriving at school prior to 7:23 should report directly to the cafeteria, the gymnasium, or the band room (band students only) and remain there.

Students should enter the building only through the cafeteria entrances on Columbia Road or Tremont Avenue, the rear entrances to the band room or the gymnasium on Tremont Avenue, or the gym lobby entrance from Tremont Avenue. Students will not be permitted to enter the front door unless they are tardy.

Buses load and unload in the parking lot. For the safety of our students, parents are to avoid the parking lot area during bus traffic times (7:00-7:30 A.M. and 2:25-2:45 P.M.).

Car riders are to be dropped off and picked up at the gym, band, or cafeteria entrances on Tremont Avenue or Columbia Road only. With limited space in front of the school, parents should meet their car riders on the above two streets only.

Students are not to loiter outside the building or near the campus before or after school. Students are to be in the hallways prior to 7:23 ONLY with permission from a teacher.

Those students who report to the gym each morning must observe the following procedures:

* Students should be seated immediately in the bleachers nearest the main building. No student will be allowed to “wait” in any part of the gym other than the bleachers, as these areas are unsupervised.

* Seventh and eighth graders are to sit in the areas designated for their respective grade (lower sections of the bleachers only).

* Once seated, students should stay seated. Changing seats or sitting in the aisles or on steps will not be permitted, as this causes unnecessary confusion and endangerment in the case of an emergency. Those students who arrive at school and report to the cafeteria must observe the following procedures:

* Students entering the cafeteria must be seated immediately or enter the food service line for breakfast.

* Once seated, students should stay seated except to deposit trash in the proper receptacle.

* Changing seats will not be permitted.

* Other cafeteria rules will remain in effect during this time as well.

* Band students who stay in the band room must remain there until the bell dismisses them to homeroom.


At the end of the day, students must proceed directly to their assigned departure area and not loiter in or outside the building for any reason. UNLESS a student is under the supervision of a teacher, club sponsor, tutor, coach, or has permission of the principal to be on campus for other reasons, the student is expected to depart the school campus by 2:45 P.M.

Students who have missed their bus (or their ride has not come by 2:45) must report to the school office and remain there until someone comes to pick them up. Students remaining after school for any reason should remain with the coach/tutor/sponsor/etc., until their parent has arrived. Departure areas:

* School buses load and unload in the large parking lot on the north end of the building. Bus riders must exit the building through the gym lobby doors or the handicap door nearest the bus loading area. There are three groups of buses: Students who ride the first group/load go immediately to their buses after the 2:30 bell. Students who ride the second and third loads of buses are to report to the stands in the gym to wait for their load to be called when the buses arrive. Students will be given bus load information on the first day of school; this information is also posted in the gym lobby.

*Car riders may be picked up on Tremont Avenue or Columbia Road only. Students are cautioned to cross the street with the crossing guard, or to use extreme caution walking to a car on the opposite side of the street, as this is a very congested area in the afternoons.

Car riders may not exit through the doors used by bus riders and, for the safety of the student, must avoid the bus area at all times. Parents may not wait for students in front of the building or in school parking lots.

Walkers may exit the building by any doorexcept those used by bus riders. For the safety of the student, walkers must avoid the bus area (large parking lot) at all times.

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